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The Antarctic; the only place where one could be
Frozen, Drowned, or Eaten on the way to work.
Please check
Could all those Navy personnel that have their names entered into the Navy nominal roll please check that their entry is correct.  If you find any errors, or can add any further information to this roll such as trip dates and other personnel names then please email the webmaster

Please Assist us
When you submit personal information in the future could you please be as specific as possible as to your dates of activity below 60S. 

All of this is important, both for your own record, and for the future of the organisation.  The more acurate the information the better chance the organisation as a whole has of being taken seriously with regard to medallic recognition.

Remember, that since there are few official records of who went where, and in particular when, we are reliant on the efforts of the membership to help us record our history.

If you have any stories to tell or are willing to share photos that you may have then please contact the webmaster
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Operation Deep Freeze The New Zealand Story
Public Advisory: Potential Radiation Exposure at McMurdo Station - 23 January 2018

"Serving pers will not be given permission to wear this (USASM) on NZDF uniform - this has been confirmed by a series of CDF's.  Once pers have left the Services, they are no longer under the direction and control of CDF and it is an individual's choice whether they wear these foreign awards.  Many do so and are happy to justify it to any enquiry.  NZDF does not condone it, but equally we are very unlikely ever to complain about it."
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This is a page of links to news article from the south
This is a timeline of the history of the Antarctic
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